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Treasure Hunters is a series of young adult and adventure fiction books written by American author James Patterson with Chris Grabenstein and Mark Shulman. The story revolves around the Kidd sibings: Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy, who try to find their missing parents who have disappeared.

Their father, the legendary treasure hunter Thomas Kidd, went missing during a storm and their mother was kidnapped in Cyprus by pirates three months earlier. The Kidd family in the series is named after William Kidd , the pirate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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I called Andie to tell her how spectacular the stuff looked. Claire had made me promise to tell her the truth. I only told the truth to the press when the single was released. Tell us about your moment on the summit.

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Her voice breaking with emotion, she told him: His friends say he was always quick to tell a joke. He told his story to The Sunday Times and produced photographs. Will you tell me a story? A passer-by told the driver to move his car so that it was not causing an obstruction. She told me on the telephone to come help clean the house. I told myself that I would be satisfied with whatever I could get. It was already impossible to tell where the bullet had entered.

I couldn't tell if he had been in a fight or had just fallen down. You can tell he's joking. I can't really tell the difference between their policies and ours.

How do you tell one from another? I had to look twice to tell which was Martin; the twins were almost identical. Many of the children know who they are but are not telling. The facts tell us that this is not true. I don't think the unemployment rate ever tells us much about the future.

Treasure Hunters (Treasure Hunters Series #1)

We also learn later in the book that Solomon's knowledge helps them find where there dad is. Tommy reveals that their father had discovered two of Cordoba's lost fleet shortly after Bick and Beck's birth and was instructed to reveal the treasure only when the Kidds were in a financial crisis. They take most of the treasure from the fleet, leaving some behind. Using Louie Louie's contacts they are able to sell the treasure to his associate in Miami. Timothy, their father's overseer, arrives at their ship and announces that he is living with them.

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Soon afterward, The Lost is followed by speedboats with pirates. They ask the Kidds for the key to the Room but they lie they don't have a key. The pirates then kidnap Beck as a backup. They use a lie-detecting device on her but she manages to outsmart the pirates and steals a bottle of Pentothal from them. They give her back to Timothy. The Kidds, who have grown suspicious of Timothy, use the Pentothal on him after he goes to sleep. He reveals that he is a CIA agent and their parents were also spy agents who worked under him.

The Kidds trust him and allow him to go to do his duty. Soon afterward, the pirates, who had used a long-range hearing device to spy on their conversations, come back.

They are however tricked into jumping off the ship. Nathan Collier arrives suddenly by tracking Tommy's satellite phone. He takes the key from the Kidds and checks the room but doesn't find anything.

Daphne arrives at the spot and reveals herself as Portia's daughter, who tried to take the mwana pwo mask directly to Louie to trade for the bee amulet. The Kidds track Dr. Lewis who is actually Louie's brother. Lewis reveals the real story behind their mother's kidnapping. Aramis, commonly known as the pirate king, sends their mother to verify whether the Grecian urn with the pirates was an original.

It was a fake and the pirates, furious for their deal being broken, kidnaps their mother for saying the truth.

The Kidds try to take the Urn to the pirates to free their mother but it is stolen from the Kidds by a group of girls working for Nathan Collier. The Kidds, having no choice, go to Aramis as they have the provenance papers for proving the urn as an original.