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This is the best modern album I've heard in years.

Every track leaves me wishing it w daniel-san Limp Wristed by Fyrrh. Dream pop jammers that skip from psych to alternative to indie pop and back again. Swimmer by Arbes. Last Lines by AKW. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Mark noticed that some elderly were facing problems in closing their camps. Immediately, Mark scurried off to help them.

After all the camp was like a close-knit family which not only shared joys but also problems among themselves.

2 Information about the Early Childhood Service

You will die. Are you mad? Please come back. I cannot live without you. Please do not leave me alone. Her body shivered out of cold and fear. She had no other choice but to wait inside the bunker for Mark to return.

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Mark ran towards the camp keeping an eye on the sky. Kat screamed in despair and held her breath, clenching her fists.

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Mark had bruised his left shoulder and cried out in pain. His survival instinct made him compose himself, stand up on his feet and run towards the elderly camp. Mark helped them to pull down the tarpaulin and connect the locks and zippers of the camp. He saw the camp was not having sufficient water and thought that the elderly would suffer in the night if the airstrikes continued.

He immediately ran towards the neighboring camp to fetch two cans of water. He placed the amber blue water cans inside the elderly camp and comforted them. Despite the harsh circumstances, teenagers like Mark have evolved a distinct personality filled with courage. Their young blood and optimistic world-view made every problem seem like an opportunity to showcase their dynamism to alleviate the suffering of others.

Meanwhile, Kat waited in the abandoned bunker which was pitch dark and had the reeking smell of opium. The air was damp and the dust from the airstrike was itching her eyes uncomfortably. The only noise she could hear was of zooming missiles and the wails of people in the distant land.

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After what seemed like a lifetime, she heard the foot-steps of a person running towards the bunker. She straightened herself in a jiffy and felt relieved when she saw it was Mark. They hugged each other for a long time amidst the loud blasts of missiles in the background. However, their bliss was short-lived as a forceful strike of a missile landed on top of the hillock which was directly above the bunker.

The impact of the blast threw them apart and both hit the sidewalls of the bunker. Kat suffered a head injury while Mark re-injured his already bruised left shoulder. Mark winced in acute pain and Kat was dripping blood from her forehead. Mark started crawling toward Kat steadily inch by inch trying to straighten his shoulder.

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After struggling for a while Mark reached Kat and tapped her hand repeatedly loudly calling out her name. Then he began tapping her cheek and felt the pulse of Kat in the wrist. Kat was ruffled by the impact but was luckily conscious.

Kat nodded her head with droopy eyes and said something which was inaudible to Mark. Teachers know children and their families well, and share the learning and care responsibilities for all children in the centre. Teachers follow children and support their play interests.

They plan individualised programmes based on children's dispositions and interests, including those that parents share from home. Children enjoy the opportunities provided to play in the outdoor part of the centre. These play times offer greater freedom of movement and access to different equipment and resources than is available indoors.

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Teachers are supportive of one another and work well as a team. They share knowledge and skills to enhance the programme and care for children. Central to the centre's approach are the positive and inclusive relationships established with parents and families. Teachers communicate regularly with parents about their children's care, development and learning. They provide families with useful information about parenting and early learning. This is part of their focus on promoting children's wellbeing and learning. The supervisor is a supportive and encouraging leader.

She creates a positive environment for children, staff and families, and ensures that teachers have increasing opportunities for leadership.

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Teachers have good access to professional learning and are encouraged to improve their practice. The supervisor is well supported by the management group consultant to promote and guide change in the centre. Managers and teachers have a good understanding of internal evaluation as a tool for improving outcomes for children.