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To provide public access and other recreation. To promote environmentally sustainable activities. To encourage community involvement and understanding. To secure adequate resources to achieve our aims. This is when The Green which was originally left out and Coney Wood were officially incorporated within the Park. Hilary Benn has kindly agreed to come down to Ditchling on Monday, 11th November to help us celebrate.

A glorious day, hot, sunny and wind still. Pond and view of the Windmill.

  1. Cruising the Trent & Mersey canal (with one eye on its history).
  2. B-14 RIDGE RIFLE.
  3. Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage.

Essex skipper found in great numbers. Image Denise Taylor. Painted lady. One of the attendees even walked from Elm Grove and back, having completed the Brighton-Eastbourne marathon yesterday too, well done Catherine!! A special thank you to Jamie, for guiding us, we very much appreciated his expert knowledge!

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Red-legged Partridge visits Green Ridge. Look for Robins in the hedgerows. Sparrow image used for the Save our Sparrows Campaign. Local male sparrow. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Generally, you may have some clothes or other items you brought with you on the shuttle. All participants will have the option to check a bag at their respective start location which will be brought to the finish line before your finish. Woof Alert - Park Policy: No dogs allowed on course. Hikers Welcome - Hikers are welcome! We add a question to registration so that we can fully prepare for your race and sighted guide with proper race bibs.

We assign event distance specific bibs with timing transponder at this time and it makes the event less complicated for you, volunteers, and Team PCTR. Shall you want to change distances on race day, then you must notify us prior to the event starting. All entrants who change distance during the event will earn a finisher medal.

For example, if you entered the Headlands mile event and stopped after two 25 mile loops, then you will be given your finisher medal and credited with an "Unofficial Finish". Similarly, if you enter the Headlands 50 Mile race and decide after two loops that I want to continue on and finish miles, then you will earn a finisher medal or in this case a belt buckle.

But, it will be termed an "Unofficial Finish" in your ultrasignup. The reason this is done is to prevent other runners from being pushed out of a podium finish, overall standings position, or age group award because someone decided that they wanted to run a different distance during the race. This is the ultrasignup. The amount of time and expense that goes into a PCTR event is high.

Surely, if many of you wanted a refund because you got injured, become sick, have to attend a family function or your babysitter fell through, then all trail running companies would be out of business. We also do not transfer entries for numerous reasons including liability. You are not allowed to sell or give your bib to someone else.

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If we find out about this, we will ban you from our events. Please see our Race Credit Policy. PCTR has a very friendly race credit policy.

The Ridge Wallet: Is this the BEST wallet you can buy?

With some of our races requiring signing up well in advance, we understand that life happens and you may be prevented from attending the event. Here are the days of notice we require you to provide us shall you want to withdraw and earn PCTR race credits for a future event. Race credits are required to be used within one year from the time you earned them. This means you need to have signed up for an event by the one year date, not necessarily have completed the event.

You also, also cannot extend the credits shall you sign up for a race and need to withdraw again. Race credits are not transferable to anyone but yourself. Race Fees associated with Ultrasignup, our registration provider, at the time of your registration are not included in your Race Credits. Pacific Coast Trail Runs events will run come rain or shine, with the exception of park closures, threatening or extreme weather conditions.

When conditions present a danger to our runners, their families and our volunteers. PCTR maintains the right to cancel or postpone the start of each of the events. Parks may also shut down the event if the trail or weather conditions are so bad that first responders will also be challenged. If any event is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the official start time, all participants will be notified via email that you provided in your registration, and the information will be posted on our Facebook page.

The Ridge, Shimla

PCTR will always try to reschedule before cancelling an event. Shall the event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, and not rescheduled, then we will offer race credits to a future PCTR event to be used in one year. If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the events, no refunds will be provided, since funds were already spent in preparation for race day. Notification of cancellation will be done as early as possible. You will be notified via the email address you used when registering for this event. If you already have too many of these shirts and want a race shirt instead, then come by the finish line tent to see if we have any more in your size.

If you are unable to participate in the event you paid for and miss the day or day withdraw notification window because you are unable to run due to whatever reason, then consider volunteering to earn race credits. Trail running is a very special sport that shares trails with the public including hikers, bikers, horses, and even dogs. Please be kind to all.

Because we have a permit and you paid for the event, does not give you more right of way than others. Please be courteous of others and share the trails as you would a store aisle at your neighborhood store. Absolutely no littering. When passing a runner announce yourself politely by saying ""May I please pass? All runners must wear bib on front of person. Not on your back, pack, hat, butt, or calves. Downhill Runners have the right of way. Uphill runners and hikers, please keep your head up 6.

Volunteers give up their time to make your day special, so please thank them many times over.

We pledge to support clean sport by inviting to athletes to compete at our events who are committed to training, racing and living clean and not inviting athletes to compete who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We are in favor of random drug testing, especially when there is prize money offered at the event. Our organization also chooses to not work with coaches and agents that have athletes that are currently working with athletes that have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We understand we have a responsibility to protect a level playing field and we will be role models in the community as ambassadors and advocates for clean sport.

We pledge to honor clean sport by inviting and supporting clean athletes at our races. Website Calendar. Social Facebook.