The Preppers Urban Survival Manual: A Modern Survivalists Guide To Disaster Preparation

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1. Satchels for Survival

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You will learn the first steps to take in your preparedness journey and how to break down big, daunting projects into easier steps so you can start getting prepared right away! The first step in prepping is to formulate a plan. Another essential element in the planning process is getting your loved ones on board with the plan and coordinating your bug-out party.

As every situation is unique, building a custom bug out bag will ensure all of your needs are met in case of an emergency evacuation.

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Experienced prepper or not, you already have an EDC kit — everything you carry with you when you leave your house. What you need to do now is optimize the items you carry with you for survival preparedness.

1. Bushcraft 101

The following articles will help you assess the items you already carry to determine how well they suit your daily needs; we offer ideas for trimming down to bare essentials and key items to add to make sure you have everything you need to handle everyday tasks. Building your skill set in order to survive in various situations and meet your basic needs is a vital aspect of prepping. Food, water, and shelter are always your top priorities, including fire making, shelter building, hunting and foraging, and harvesting water.

Once you know the basics, you can increase your self-sufficiency by building on these skills; for instance, if you are accomplished at building fire and scavenging food, work on your ability to prepare and cook food.

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If you are among them, you will want to hone your urban survival skills. Urban survival skills are equally important for rural dwellers who may visit urban areas for business or pleasure. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.

For New Preppers

The author, Richard Duarte, instills a sense of urgency and tells you exactly what to do about it. He covers every area of preparedness that an urban dweller needs to know about, provides detailed survival shopping lists, explains the most important survival skills, and offers lots of advice based on his personal experiences. Every chapter is both entertaining and educational. Although most of the information is pretty standard which is true of any urban survival book , the author has a way of writing that causes the words to really sink in.

The Modern Survival Manual — This book is one of my all-time favorites.

Grid Down Scenarios: How to Survive a Power Grid Attack

The author, Fernando Aguirre, was living in Argentina during its hyperinflationary collapse in Armed with firsthand experience, Fernando is able to offer advice about situations the average prepper has never even considered. Fernando covers:. How to find a job and make money after the collapse, affordable foods to stock up on, what to do during rolling blackouts, how to protect your home from burglars, how to defend yourself against muggers, which knives and weapons are best, and much more.

For example, the number of carjackings skyrockets during an economic collapse. Even then, the carjackers would throw things at the windshields of moving cars to get people to stop, but you have to keep driving unless you want to get robbed or kidnapped.

Top Ten Prepper Books (Number 7 You've Probably Never Heard Of)

The Urban Survival Handbook — This book is very different from most urban survival books. It has no information on food storage, water purification, or generating power.

Instead, it teaches you how to handle common threats that could affect anyone living in the city. The second chapter teaches you how to survive in your own home and covers everything from home security and dealing with intruders to escaping fires and floods. The next chapter is about surviving on the move. The other chapters are about surviving terrorism, acts of nature, and how to give first-aid. This is not the type of book you read from beginning to end.

5 Awesome Urban Survival Books You Should Read

Rather, the large pages and full-color pictures and diagrams make it a great coffee table book. At first glance, it seems like a pretty typical urban survival book, but there are a few great features that set it apart. Most urban survival books are about sheltering in place at home, but what about people who spend a quarter of their time at work?