Sustainable Tourism Management

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Key issues and current debates are also discussed and a range of examples of sustainable tourism management practice are given.

The book is designed to be interactive, with group and individual exercises and discussion points to further understanding of the subject. Historical Background. The Nature and Scope of Sustainable Tourism. Conclusions to Part One. The Three Dimensions of Sustainable Tourism. The Environmental Dimension. Conclusions to Part Four.

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Sustainable Tourism and Functional Management. Marketing Management. Human Resource Management.

Operations Management. Financial Management. Conclusions to Part Five. Incentives in the form of taxes on construction activities, or taxes on second homes and higher building permit costs might be useful for reducing construction activities that often coincide with tourism development. These can be applied to almost any product or service offered to tourists that satisfy certain environmental criteria accommodation facilities, tour operators, beaches, restaurants, marinas or tourist destinations.

To be meaningful, an eco-label must be internationally recognised and administrated by a reputable organisation. Green Globe 21 is also a certification for sustainable travel and tourism products and services, used principally in Asia, the Caribbean and Australia. Setting a limit on the number of visitors admitted to a destination during a fixed period may include closure of certain places, like environmentally fragile areas at certain times; establishing a maximum number of accommodation units; determining a maximum number of persons allowed at certain tourist attraction, particular area or a whole country.

How to Embrace Sustainability: Sustainable Tourism Tips for Destination Managers

Bhutan is the only country that has introduced a tourist quota at the national level. Its quota allows 6, foreign tourists and 3, tourists from neighbouring countries per year, with established fixed minimum daily expenditures per tourist. This instrument for limiting construction activities allows for planned tourism development and is relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. The physical plan that can restrict construction in environmentally sensitive areas e.

In the Maldives, for example, regulations state that the built environment should utilise no more than 20 percent of the total land area in order to maintain the natural beauty of an island environment. Moreover, two-story buildings are allowed only if there is enough vegetation to screen them from view.

Ecological economic zoning has also been proposed in climate change policy to protect Brazilian rainforests under Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation initiative. The course will address the definition of ecotourism in its applied sense, both from the perspective of the definition shaped by academic and policy experience, and from the definition derived by observed practice.

We expect that students completing this course successfully will be able to determine genuine ecotourism when they interact with it, whether it is in plan form or extant.

Sustainable Tourism Management

The rapid growth of tourism worldwide has created many challenges and opportunities for established and emerging tourism destinations. This course looks at how to conduct a tourism assessment to examine ecotourism potential, and how to measure the potential costs and benefits of a sustainable tourism development program. A practical, intensive, idea-packed approach to marketing tourism destinations. The course features case studies, and practical tips for stretching marketing budget through better monitoring, cost controls and evaluation. Approximately 3 billion people use digital media, with that number increasing every day.

More and more travelers are selecting videos to get their information on prospective destinations.

Sustainable Tourism

The ability to engage with a broader audience, specifically on digital platforms, where travelers spend on average 2. A large percentage of video engaged ecotourists are years old — the fastest growing segment of ecotravelers.

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Ecotourism professionals who specialize in this type of storytelling will stand apart. Registrants will be exposed to Vlogs, interviews, tutorial videos, video presentations, testimonials, and live streams. Ecotourism has proven to be an economically viable alternative for attracting tourism revenue without compromising local community values or degrading the environment.

This course provides the tools needed by tourism planners, conservationists, businesses and communities to work together to develop ecotourism plans and products that will attract and accommodate the ecotourist while conserving natural resources and benefiting local people. Designed to help you understand the unique structure of the ecotourism industry, the course provides the most recent information on ecotourism marketing approaches and product development.

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