Strange Occurrences

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The air smelled bad, and it was hard to breathe.

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It is speculated that it was smog containing dust particles caused by the eruption of warm water into cold air. Loud Thunder Sounds of distant thunder and loud explosions accompanied the earthquakes. Animal Warnings People reported strange behavior by animals before the earthquakes. They were nervous and excited. Domestic animals became wild, and wild animals became tame. Snakes came out of the ground from hibernation. Flocks of ducks and geese landed near people. The earthquakes were preceded by the appearance of a great comet, which was visible around the globe for seventeen months, and was at its brightest during the earthquakes.

The comet, with an orbit of 3, years, was last seen during the time of Ramses II in Egypt. Tecumseh was a Shawnee Indian leader whose name meant "Shooting Star" or "He who walks across the sky. A great orator and military leader, Tecumseh organized a confederation of Indian tribes to oppose the takeover of three million acres of Indian lands, which were obtained by the Treaty of Fort Wayne in His brother, a religious leader called "The Prophet," had gained fame when he foretold the total eclipse of the sun on June 16, They had learned about it in advance from a team of visiting astronomers.

During this time, the Governor of Indiana Territory William Henry Harrison--worried about The Prophet's popularity--had challenged him to produce a miracle.

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After the day of the "Black Sun" the brothers had no trouble attracting followers. A Black Sun was said to predict a future war. On September 17, there was another solar eclipse—which, again, was predicted by The Prophet. The brothers' center of operations was at Prophet's Town, located near the junction of the Wabash and Tippecanoe Rivers in northern Indiana. Tecumseh was traveling and recruiting warriors among the southeastern tribes, when Governor Harrison attacked Prophet's Town with over a 1, men on November 6, , a pre-emptive strike by the U.

The earthquakes continued as he traveled back to Prophet's Town, arriving there in February, Tecumseh's followers lost the Battle of Tippecanoe, but they continued to fight as allies of the British during the War of between the United States and Great Britain. Tecumseh was killed in battle in Canada in He is honored as one of the greatest of Indian leaders, both in the United States, and in Canada, where he is considered a national hero.

The first steamboat travel on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers took place during the New Madrid earthquakes. Captain Nicholas Roosevelt had brought along his young wife, their two year old daughter, and a Labrador dog. Ten days after leaving Pittsburgh, his wife Lydia gave birth to a son in Louisville, Kentucky. They waited a while for her to recover, and for the water to rise prior to crossing the dangerous waters and coral reef at the Falls of the Ohio. On the night before the day of the earthquake, December 16, the steamboat was anchored near Owensboro, Kentucky, about miles east of New Madrid, Missouri.

Their dog, Tiger, insisted on staying in the cabin with them instead of sleeping on the deck. Without realizing it, they were heading straight towards the epicenter of the greatest earthquake in American history. Their steamboat, intended to be an advertisement for steam travel, was thought instead to be the cause of the earthquake by many who saw it. At Henderson, Kentucky, where no chimneys were left standing, they stopped to visit their friends, the painter John James Audubon and his wife Lucy.

Floating in the middle of the Ohio River they were protected from the earthquake tremors shaking the land, but not from the hazards of falling trees, disappearing islands, and collapsing river banks.

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After entering Indian Territory on December 18th, they were chased by Indians who figured the "fire canoe" had caused the earthquake, but they managed to escape capture by outrunning them. They even had a small cabin fire that night which they managed to put out. Thousands of trees were floating on the waters of the Mississippi as they approached New Madrid on December 19th, three days after the earthquake.

They found that the town of New Madrid had been destroyed. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Everyone wants to believe in miracles. But how many towns are built on one? Director: Aoife Kelleher.

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Strange occurrences in a small Irish village

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A Cacophony of Strange Occurrences

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