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He was quickly named Cecil, after the painting foreman, since they were both loud and in charge. Instead, they created a Dallas Cowboys football helmet, which remains today. By June , just a year and a half after the groundbreaking, Camp John Marc Meyers was ready for its first campers. Nearly chronically ill campers attended eight weeks of organized camping during the inaugural summer. Eight weeks of summer camps grew to twelve, and the number of campers doubled to nearly 1, This special tradition, in which donors buy bricks bearing the names of each first-time camper, helps raise funds for camp while also allowing each child to have a permanent place at camp.


The fast-paced and ambitious construction of CJM led to some financial concerns despite the many generous gifts already received. In order to secure the financial stability of the organization, fundraising became a top Board priority. Founding Board member Gifford Touchstone made a commitment to retire debt, establish an endowment, and create an annual fundraising campaign.

In less than a year, he succeeded. Every summer at Camp John Marc has a themed activity night. This program gives families with a child with a medical diagnosis including cystic fibrosis the opportunity to spend a self-guided weekend together at CJM.

11 Kid-Friendly Spooky Campfire Stories

During these years, new programs that are now synonymous with the CJM experience were introduced. Under the leadership of Board Member David Bell, an innovative therapeutic horse program began in And in , a new ropes course was installed. Because of generous gifts like these, CJM began planning for the biggest facility expansion since its initial construction. The Amon G. In , Camp Jon Marc was re-accredited by the American Camping Association with a score of 99 out of a possible This was enough to ensure a long-term stable future for the organization.

The annual Board campership fundraising drive continued to benefit CJM each year since its opening, but was an especially notable year of giving. More than campers and their families, Camp John Marc staff and volunteers, and friends of CJM attended a special celebration in the amphitheater.

The day even included a camper choir and pounds of green and white confetti!

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During this time, programming continued to expand. Each celebration night ended with a ceremonial lighting of a Live Oak tree that was strung with hundreds of twinkling lights.

Juliana - Scary Story Time - Patreon Submission! // Something Scary - Snarled

A larger community celebration was also held at the Texas Discovery Gardens. More than people attended and listened to past CJM campers share stories about how they attribute their camp experiences to success in life. In , a new logo, which reflects some of the ways CJM has grown and changed through the years, was unveiled.

This exciting opportunity gives staff members interested in becoming child life specialists first hand experience. Summer staffers Erin Dellasega and Alli Gilmore were the first two participants in this educational endeavor. The Board took on another Capital Campaign to tackle deferred maintenance and update facilities. Soon after, the first project was completed—five miles of road were paved to improve the route to Camp John Marc.

As of Summer , Camp John Marc hosts eleven week-long summer camps and over 25 weekend camps during the year. On average, camp serves 1, kids each summer and 3, kids and family members every year with an administrative staff of six, summer staff of 24 and the support of over 1, volunteers annually. Oksana is able to survive on her own, and one night, is awoken by a knock at her cabin door. Looking to recover an overly scary story with something a bit more mild?

Haunted is the perfect one. This tells the story of ghosts who love to bake and dance the night away.

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  • When a family moves into the home, they struggle with these noisy ghosts, and find a happy way to get rid of the haunts forever. Yellow Ribbon follows the story of a young couple, Jane and Johnny as they fall in love. But for some reason, Jane always wears a yellow ribbon around her neck, and always evades answering why whenever Johnny asks.

    Finally, their love grows and they marry and have kids.

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    Jane falls sick and, while on her deathbed, finally tells Johnny he can untie the ribbon. Let your kids be the judge of whether this scarecrow was taken by the storm, or ran away on his own. This one is fun to tell in the first-person, and will keep your kids feeling spooked after the story is over. It is about an old woman who finds a hairy toe in the woods near her home, and decides to eat it. Our question, after hearing the story remains — why did she eat the toe in the first place?


    Quick and scary for a moment, but with a happy ending, your kids will have fun listening to The Lady With the Emerald Ring. Another one for the pirate lovers in your group, the Ghost Ship of Captain Sandovate tells the tale of a group of sailors who mutiny, and end up dehydrating their captain to death — they refused to give him the water he needed to survive. We know taking the kids camping can throw up new challenges.

    Calming the car journey Very quickly, kids can get bored of watching fields and road signs slip by.

    Summer camp - Wikipedia

    Here are a few game ideas to keep the kids and yourselves entertained until you reach your destination. Try the drawing game — fold a piece of paper into thirds or quarters, and have each passenger minus the driver! Select a person to go first, they'll say the phrase "I went shopping and bought a It goes on like this until everyone forgets who bought what.

    The last person still going wins. Make sure everyone in your camping group knows where the nearest facility block is when you arrive; our campsite managers will point this out to you on your way in. Here are a few extra items to take when camping with kids:.


    Packing the right food One of the greatest joys of camping for many is creating yummy meals to enjoy as a family. Here are a few tips and things to consider when getting your camping meals prepped. At the end of the day, no one knows your children like you do. If there are extras you think you may need to take- pack them.

    Being over prepared is better than the alternative. Keen to strap those walking boots on, heading for some of the most picturesque camping spots in the UK?