Stealing Sweets and Punching People (Oberon Modern Plays)

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The Oberon Glossary of Theatrical Terms includes explanations of over 1, technical, backstage, acting, musical, dance and showbusiness terms in common usage. Completely revised and updated, this concise glossary explains all theatre jargon. A must-have addition to the bookshelves of all theatre and performing arts aficionados.

His Tales of an Actor speak with a bracing honesty of experience in the theatre with which all actors are familiar, but which few have dared to articulate. He is a pioneer. His views are both caustic and invigorating… I hope they will be read by anyone interested in the theatre and in the work of actors. Harry is a dedicated actor, often out of work, rejected and desperate for opportunities to practise his art. Brief moments of success only serve to increase his thirst for fulfilment.

Eleven experienced actors who have made a living, a life, in theatre, television and film, share their process, comment on their experiences and consider their role as theatre artists within the broader spectrum of Art and Culture. A book that actors can mine for tips on craftsmanship and the business. A book that reveals to directors which approaches enable actors and which block them.

A book that calls the UK industry to attention: actors should be embraced as primary creators along with the writer, director and designer of any production.

A Mad World My Masters

A clutch of wonderful minds provoked, represent the important ongoing conversation about stories, skill and life. Auditions, showcases, workshops, training, examinations: if you are looking for a piece to impress or to hone your acting skills, Oberon Books has an extensive list of monologue and duologue collections, as well as a diverse range of one-man and one-woman plays. Actors are required to perform monologues regularly throughout their career: preparing for drama school entry, showcasing skills for agents or auditioning for a role.

These monologues contain a diverse range of quirky and memorable characters that cross cultural and historical boundaries. So I think many people are going to be grateful to voice coach Catherine Weate who has assembled and edited two further books of modern monologues. Although his mainstream career has recently included major work for the RSC and the National, the five new pieces collected here show just how close playwright and director Neil Bartlett has stayed to the radical queer cultural roots that first brought him to prominence in the early s.

See also: Solo Voices: Monologues on page These solo pieces are written for younger audiences but their originality and strength make them suitable for any age. Each play displays a formal inventiveness and a philosophical playfulness that make them stand alone as brilliant examples of contemporary theatre. A drama teacher might use one of these plays — or part of one — as a piece of solo practical work for GCSE or A level Tracey Gordon, the 67 bus, friendship, sex, UK garage, school, music, teachers, friendship, periods, emergency contraceptive, arse and tits, friendship, raves, tampons, white boys, God, money.

Aaron, Candice, sex and Connor Jones. Chewing Gum Dreams is a one-woman play that recalls those last days of innocence before adulthood. Her play tackles some difficult themes, including sexual assault, violence, and underachievement across generations…a serious new talent.

Behold the newest nobody of the funniest century yet. Listen closely or drift off uncontrollably, as he speaks to you directly about the notion of home, about the notion of the world.

Books, critical writings, pamphlets and published plays

All of it delivered with the authority that is the special province of the unsure and the unhomed, which is a word he made up accidentally. The marvel of Mr. A T-shirt is something most people have. It is a common denominator like a pair of blue jeans or a pair of Converse All Stars. From Fringe First winner Inua Ellams, comes a story about two foster brothers building a global T-shirt brand.

On their journey from a market in Nigeria to a sweatshop in China, Matthew and Muhammed discover the consequences of success. The play tackles capitalism and exploitation, as well as sectarianism and homophobia in modern-day Nigeria. During the night he looks back at his short but joyful past growing up in rural Devon: his exciting first days at school; the accident in the forest that killed his father; his adventures with Molly, the love of his life; and the battles and injustices of war that brought him to the front line.

This edition includes introductory essays by Michael Morpurgo, theatre director Mark Leipacher, and an essay from Simon Reade, adaptor and director of this stage adaptation of Private Peaceful. Meet Chloe, 21, from Leytonstone. She likes the simple things in life: cherry sambuca, hairbrush-inthe-mirror karaoke with Rihanna and winding her dad up. Fighting fit from sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of the Old Vic New Voices Edinburgh Season , you are invited ringside, for an adrenaline-fuelled, noholes-barred one-woman show unafraid to document the blood, the sweat…and all the tears.

The writing is fully alive.

Stealing Sweets and Punching People by Phil Porter | Waterstones

Liverpool, Greg is thirteen. He has just started secondary school. He earns pocket money sweeping up hair in a barbers.

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Girls are aliens. Liverpool FC are everything. Edinburgh, Greg has an extraordinary story to tell you. Bottleneck is a vibrant coming-of-age story about becoming a man through adventures both big and small. It is about a notorious city; Liverpool. How the outside world views it. And how it views the outside world. Sue Mengers is a woman whose time is passing.

The glory days are fading.

Political Theatre in Post-Thatcher Britain

How does a powerful woman face a treacherously shifting landscape? Nothing makes much sense to him, and his heart belongs to a classmate who barely knows he exists. Wound Man is an unconventional superhero, sprung from the pages of a medieval medical textbook, with an alarming assortment of weapons sticking out from every part of his body. A funny and touching story about two unlikely friends and the adventures they share. Fergus has lived in England for almost seven years. A one-man show written and performed by Fergus Evans, fusing animation, storytelling, and spoken word that crosses the boundaries between performance art and theatre.

A collection of nearly 50 scenes for two actors. The scenes are arranged according to gender suitability with background information about the plays from which they are taken. These volumes both collect over forty speeches from some of the finest plays of the last twenty years. Bringing together specially selected speeches by essential modern dramatists. Useful for amateurs, students, and professional actors alike, participating in acting classes, contests, auditions and rehearsals.

Arranged according to age suitability — Teens, Twenties, Thirties, Forty plus — with the plays and individual speeches set in their dramatic and performance context. These verbatim monologues are drawn from conversations Robin Soans has had or overheard, or are edited versions of interviews he has conducted in the course of research for his plays Mixed Up North, Talking to Terrorists, Life After Scandal.

Subjects range from people who have held high office to those who have blown them up; from those who live in large country houses to others whose home is two blankets and a pile of leaves in the corner of a disused garage. Howard Barker is an internationally renowned dramatist, whose first plays were performed at the Royal Court and by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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  • Since his work has been presented by his own company The Wrestling School. Writing of himself in the third person and in the historic tense, Barker's alter-ego Eduardo Houth achieves a fluency and an uncommon measure of objectivity, though objectivity is scarcely the sole intention. The result is a unique exercise in self-description, partisan but without the shrill selfjustification so common in a mere autobiography. Focusing on different aspects of what Barker has called the Theatre of Catastrophe, an international range of academics offer illuminating interpretations of his work.

    She began writing drama in the early s. Tanika has written extensively for theatre, radio, film and television. Tanika was awarded an MBE in Dennis Kelly is an internationally acclaimed writer with his plays performed in over thirty countries. Highly recommended.

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    As this collection clearly shows, Wade certainly has. The Oberon Modern Playwrights series showcases the most prominent authors of our time, and includes collections of plays grouped thematically. OCt Jun Gupta offers a fresh perspective on race relations, generational divide and sexual politics. They have all lost their jobs. In retaliation, they defiantly produce, devise and perform award-winning plays with the support of artists around the world.

    As anyone who saw Being Harold Pinter will know, they make their points through an exuberant inventiveness…remarkable.

    Like many of the richest moments in theater, this one involves very simple elements: black ink, a long roll of brown paper and a naked woman. Ukaegbu PB E Since his debut in Agboluaje has become one of the most prolific of the third generation of Black British playwrights.

    He writes comfortably in iambic pentameter, sweeping Wagnerian phrases or heightened nineteenth-century prose.

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    Roll it from your eyes to your tongue, like tears, and relish, as I do, the ever-so fruity yet slightly salty content. The plays chart the political history of the Nuclear Bomb and its proliferation from to the present day. These playwrights ride, however, in no slipstream of the identifiably Irish play. Here, the enterprise of playwriting itself is being re-imagined.

    Here, above all else, is a commitment to becoming in the theatre.