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Calvary provides live streaming for all of our Sunday morning services. You may also search, watch, listen to or download previous sermons in our sermon archive area. If you would like to order a CD of a sermon, contact our Media Department media calvarygr. Please provide your own contact information along with the date and title if possible of the sermon s you wish to purchase. We know that God is powerful and in control of all things. He is far bigger than we could imagine, his love and redemption more real than we could ever hope for.

The One True God runs the entire universe!

A. Death is a very scary thought to each and every one of us.

Media Ordering. Cost: Requests for messages dated prior to May 22, , are processed once a month. Requests for messages dated after May 22, , are processed weekly. We only have one life to live -- make it count for the Kingdom.

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Living A Life That Counts! In his sadness he wandered into a park, found himself an empty park bench, and sat down. After a while another man came strolling along. The second man was Scripture: 1 Corinthians We only have one life to live: What are we doing to make it count for eternity? What about Memento mori? Scripture: Psalms You only have one life to live — and you have been given that life to give. One Life — June 29, Do you believe you were born for such a time as this? How have you spent your life so far in ?

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Has it been a waste? Have you gotten a good return on the investment of Scripture: Ephesians The motto, "Only one life, twill soon be past; only what's done for Christ will last", forms the three points of this sermon of the fact that we only have one life to live in which to prepare for eternity, and that live is brief and and serious.

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  7. Scripture: James Can everyone become a leader in the local church? The writer of Hebrews is bemoaning that after so much time the saints were still immature. Is that the case of the church today? Everyone is expected to be and can be a leader!

    Introduction: The fervor of the early church was already dwindling by the time of the writing of this later book of the New Testament. Persecution was causing many to fall away. The writer is bemoaning the fact that by this time many of them should have been teachers. They were still spiritual Scripture: Hebrews Denomination: Charismatic. True pleasure comes when our work is not for the pay, for ambition, to satisfy oneself or earthly overseers, but working for Christ.

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    It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Anyone who does wrong will Scripture: Colossians This sermon is a word of advise on how each day should be approach in order for a Christian to remainpowerful and productive. Among other things, Psalm is one of those songs which speaks of victory. This psalm was the last of a section of the Denomination: Assembly Of God.

    This is probably the oldest Psalm in the Bible, and was composed by Moses during the 40 years wandering of the children of Israel in the wilderness.

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    There is so much spiritual profit in meditating this Psalm but, at the moment, fix your attention on v. Intro: This is probably the oldest Psalm in the Bible, and was composed by Moses during the 40 years wandering of the children of Israel in the wilderness. We see that life is likened to a tale