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New Releases. Categories: Christian Sermons. Description This book shares with its readers relevant and biblical sermon outlines for easy preaching. All you have to do is add your flavor. Daily over the next 30 some odd years, I prayed that God would send me a spouse. I am in my mids now and still single have never married.

I just saw a testimony a few months ago by a woman who did not get her first marriage until she turned 54 or 58 years old. There are indeed SOME things in life that God needs to send a person pronto, because time marches on. Time is a factor. A woman who wants a kid, for example — it would be ten times easier on her if God got her pregnant when she was 30 years old, as opposed to making her wait until she turns Would YOU want to be chasing a toddler around when you are 80 years old and in the early stages of dementia, have creaky hips, arthritis in your knees which makes it difficult to run after a small child, etc?

Hell no, you would not. I have had to endure loneliness and other negative things like that for years and years now. Someone to cuddle with on the couch while watching cable or just shoot the breeze with. Most women my age have been married for ten or more years by now. My preference would have been to marry by my late 20s to mid 30s, at the latest.

NGUMC: A Letter to Your Past Self: Sermon Series Inspires a Congregation to Write

I was engaged years ago but dumped the guy. If there is a God in Heaven, he most certainly damn sure should send every woman who wants a man a husband by the time she hits 30 or 35, at the latest.

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The God of the Bible can do anything, so sending me a man by the time I hit age 35 is not some impossible task for him. And how dare pastors like this guy try to shame me for wanting a husband or whatever at all. Some folks are petitioning God for a job, for financial help, to help kick a drug addiction, etc , and they should not be shamed or guilt-tripped for asking for these things in prayer and being angry or hurt when their prayers are not replied to.

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God has not put me, the single gal, into a family as host Pat Robertson always blathers on about. I am evidence of that. God is not going to give me an orgasm, Groeschel, nor would I want him to — gross, yuck. But you see my point. I remember after my mother died, I felt alone.

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I prayed and begged God to let me know if He was there. All I got from God was a big, fat nothing. The Bible itself has example after example of people who prayed to God for healing, money, a baby, a job, military conquest, food, etc, and God sent the person what he or she was asking for, sometimes instantly, or within weeks or months. Here are just a few Bible verses that demonstrate that, contra Groeschel, God makes promises to those reading the text that if they ask him for what they need and want, he will grant it I have more comments to make below this list of Bible verses and passages :.

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  • Today has enough trouble of its own. Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

    Maybe God does not exist to serve us as Groeschel was saying, but various stories and verses in the Bible says he is happy to serve us. The Bible lays out promises where God says he will grant your wants and needs, even if those wants and needs are not noble, based on God, or are altruistic. It does not take a Word of Faith theology proponent to see that God and Jesus make promises to folks.

    God flat out says in the Bible he will help you with this, that and the other, and Jesus says anything you ask for in his name that he will do. Stop telling people who are confused, angry, hurt or whatever, that these promises are not working in their lives are holding to a distorted view of God, that they are being selfish, etc. Stop victim blaming, trying to find fault with, people like me who tell you that prayer is not working for us, and that the promises in the Bible have not been coming true for us. Sometimes your lived reality and experiences reveal that Christianity does not work in real life as it is presented in the Bible, and the stuff in the Bible that God promises does not come to pass for everyone.

    If they admit it, they may feel it disproves their entire faith. At the end of the day, Rev. Instead of attacking and shaming people for admitting where they are doubting and hurting concerning God, why not empathize with them more?

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    It must be so frustrating, it must hurt terribly that you keep reaching out to God for this, and you are getting no answers. It does look really unfair. I am so sorry. The Bible does not suggest that asking God for something in prayer, or expecting an answer to a prayer, is the same thing as a person viewing God as a puppet — I would suggest that Groeschel not suggest this. Do not shame or condemn what the Bible permits. I can relate to your pain and suffering.

    By now, you are 20 years old, newly married, and living in a one bedroom apartment in Marietta. I hope this letter finds you well. I really racked my brain to remember exactly what was going on in your life in November of They decided to shut down the lab to save money and that means you and Mindy are going to be out of a job. I do remember how disappointed and worried you were. It was a good job for you while you were in college.

    It paid pretty good for your age, fit well with your college class schedule, and taught you a lot about the textile industry you are studying in school. Now unemployed, you feel the pressure to provide for your wife. God will take care of you. Hang in there and keep managing your money well—what little you have.

    Together, you will make it through. Well hang on, buddy. Even better than the plans you and Kelly have made. I only have a few minutes to write and too much to say, so let me get to the point. Your 20s are going to be an incredible blur. You are going to experience more milestones and life altering events than you can imagine. So hang on, enjoy the ride, and be glad you are full of youthful energy. I guess God really had His hand on you and steered you in the right direction. These are going to be some of the most formative years in life and God will lead you to make some great decisions.

    The first bit of advice is this: be more open with your wife. But we both know how you are. You have at least twice as many conversations with yourself in your own private thoughts than you ever do with other people.

    This includes your wife. When you have an idea or something to worry about, you tend to mull it over to yourself and work it before you share it with anyone else.

    Myles Munroe - The Kingdom Of God (2014) **Final Sermon Series**

    The decisions and ideas you think about affect her life too. If it affects you, it affects her so she deserves to be in on the conversation. I know that was never part of your plans. Plans change. Go ahead and talk to her about it. Think out loud with your wife. She deserves to be in on the conversation.