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They were supplied with captured German rifles and a three-ton truck by the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada , and escorted by Canadian Captain Robert K.

Under a dubious interpretation of international law, Canadian military authorities permitted a continuation of the German military structure after the demise of the Third Reich. German assistance was indispensable in the disarmament, concentration, and evacuation of the German armed forces within Holland. Unfortunately, disinterested Canadian military authorities also left the German military in control of order and discipline.

German commanders and military judges applied a military law warped by National Socialism. In an analysis of the incident the historian Chris Madsen notes that the Canadian military authorities felt obliged to work with their German counterparts, faced with the huge task of disarming and evacuating the German armed forces in the Netherlands, under discipline, and without disorder.

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As a matter of mutual convenience the German command hierarchy was allowed to continue to function following the surrender, and this included the sentencing and execution of individuals such as Dorfer and Beck under the Allies. The imperial borders with Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and Italy, along with coastal regions were protected by fortifications with varying armaments and training. The trench and high mountain warfare in particular led to significant changes in organization, weaponry and adaption of fighting troops, creating a new image of the soldier.

At the beginning of the war, the Kingdom of Italy abandoned its duty to the Triple Alliance by declaring neutrality. Shortly thereafter, it prepared for a possible war against its former allies, through secret diplomacy talks with the Entente powers Russia, France and Great Britain. The phrase for this was "sacro egoismo".

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On May 4 th , the Triple Alliance was nullified by Italy, and by this point in time it had already made all military preparations for war on the side of the Entente Powers. Emperor Franz Joseph I reacted to this in a manifesto beginning with the following sentences:.

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The King of Italy has declared war against me. This act of betrayal by the Kingdom of Italy toward its two allies is unparalleled in history The infantry and militia regiments of the army and militia that were trained for mountain warfare were fighting on the Eastern battlefields. The burden of defending the country lay on the shoulders of a few militias, reserve units, marching companies, national police and border patrol troops.

In keeping with tradition, these were joined by Tyrolean and Vorarlberg rifle companies and other voluntary units from Austrian crown lands, young, old and minimally-fit men.

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The frontier fortresses works were outdated, with the exception of the Lavarone Plateau. For strategic reasons, the military leadership was forced to move the defensive line back, giving up Austrian land regionally, and evacuating villages.

The bitter tears of Fassbinder's women