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Note: The images presented here record various stages of the property's landscape restoration. Since additional work has been supported by The Garden Club of Virginia at many properties, these images do not necessarily represent the current-day experience.

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Also, accession numbers reflect the year in which an image was received by the Virginia Historical Society, not the year in which it was taken. Slide, Monticello, Charlottesville, Va. Museum Collection Accession number: Slide, Gardens, Monticello, Charlottesville, Va. The Garden Club's commitment to the restoration of the West Lawn landscape proved crucial to the reclamation of the Monticello grounds.

Plat, , prepared by University of Virginia engineering students showing locations of trees and shrubs and bearing handwritten suggestions for additional plantings. Drawing, Monticello, Charlottesville, Va. Letter, , of Fiske Kimball to Mrs. Katherine Botts soliciting her support for an approach to The Garden Club of Virginia for restoration funds. Letter, Monticello, Charlottesville, Va. Letter, , of Mrs. Susanne Massie to Mrs. Hetty Harrison warning about the financially "liberal" ideas of the Monticello Restoration Committee.

Letter, , of Stuart Gibboney to Mrs. Hetty Harrison concerning restoration of the garden on the West Lawn of Monticello. Agnes W. But his original design was just the beginning. For more than 40 years, as he traveled and his tastes evolved, he redesigned and rebuilt Monticello.

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As he described it: "Putting up and tearing down, one of my favorite amusements. Perhaps the most striking example of re-invention at Monticello is the octagonal dome that replaced the original boxy portico. Jefferson wrote a friend in Monticello was also home to a large staff that included enslaved people who served as domestic and field workers and as laborers.

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Jefferson himself held conflicted and complex views on slavery , both owning slaves and working toward abolition. Monticello's Mulberry Row , down the hill from Jefferson's home, served as the industrial hub of the estate, with more than 20 buildings dedicated to functions as varied as nail making and laundry. Monticello is the only home of a U. Skip to main content. Search WTTW:. Monticello Share Tweet. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

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