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The purpose of these quizzes is to motivate the kids to keep up with the reading. Their basic knowledge of plot, character and literary devices will be tested. There are several lesson aids that include quizzes that I can adapt noted in the resources section. Using the clues in the text, create a neat and colourful map of the island. Be sure to include and label the beach pool, the granite platform, the lagoon, the island rock, the coral reef, the scar, the forest, the mountains and a pig run. Use pencil crayons to include the colours Golding describes. Refer to pg. Placing the character your group analyzed in the centre of the page and place the other characters in the novel around him.

Teaching ‘The Lord of the Flies’ With The New York Times

Include descriptive words and quotes from the novel for characters where appropriate and explain the links between characters. You may use symbols as well. Be creative in your graphic presentation of your sociogram.

Quality of Content 10 Criteria: - Accurate reflection of evidence in text - Insightful interpretation of character and his relationships - Shows clear and concise connections between characters - Offers new interpretation, details or subtleties others may not have noticed - Selected descriptive words and quotations are relevant and appropriate - Use of language is accurate spelling and grammar Key for Graphic Representation and Content Rate each out of 10 : Criterion fully demonstrated at outstanding level Criterion demonstrated at good level Criterion demonstrated at satisfactory level Minimal evidence of criteria Not evident.

In an essay of to words, respond to the following topic. In your essay, be sure you make direct reference quotations or paraphrases to the novel. Include page numbers after each reference:.

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Suggested Format: You are welcome to use the following outline to get started. Introduction : You may wish to include some or all of the following points:.

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  • Lord of the Flies Lesson Plans | ELA Common Core Lesson Plans.

You may wish to include some or all of the following points: - the treatment of Piggy - the significance of the beast and the pig-hunting - the rising tension in the group C The descent into savagery. You may wish to include some or all of the following points: - the significance of the deaths of Simon and Piggy - the changes in Jack and his tribe - examples and purpose of various symbols eg. You do not need to follow this outline if you have other ideas. Whatever you decide, go beyond the points mentioned here — your essay should show originality of thought.

The following ideas are not covered in the lesson plans included in this unit plan.

A crash course in the structure, characterization, meaning and style of the novel. A good resource for lecture preparation. Perigoe, Lillian and Beverley Copping Editors. Call: PR Z75 Educ Lib. An excellent and comprehensive guide to the novel.

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  7. Each section provides numerous questions and activities that can be used in the classroom. Students will like it, especially for the map assignment. This "lo-fat" version for the novel includes chapter summaries, character analysis, quotes, and a users forum.

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    Let me give you a Lord of the Flies themes reminder. The breakup of civilization and the loss of innocence can be traced through the breakdown of the island government. It might be a good time to discuss theme in Lord of the Flies.