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Why I Had Become Identified , Honoring the Saints, James Vanderzee in Harlem, Shades of The Yellow Kid, Advice to a Young Artist, Black Freighter 1, unknown. Brooklyn in the Fifties: 29th Street Tigers, unknown.

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Untitled George C. Wolfe , c. Sharon McNight, He worked as an impoverished immigrant in the California mines and railroads until he was picked up by police in —reportedly in a disoriented state. It was there where he discovered art and created the complex and compelling drawings and collages for which he is known.

The imagery is both suggestive and nostalgic, often reminiscent of his own life experiences. Mexican Madonnas, animals, cowboys, trains, and landscapes merge with scenes of American culture and create a profound documentation of a Mexican living and working in the United States. Please hit the Community button above to engage with the DiS!

JPG i could explain why but icba. It's insane, like the Pope is melting and he's screaming out in pain. Also, Gustav Klimt's forest pictures. The colour on this isn't as good as in real life, but you get the idea. The light is amazing. But this is cool, even though it's not actually a painting.

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Zobop by Jim Lambie, he starts round the outside of the room and works his way in so each time he does it it perfectly fits the space its for. Claude Lorraine - The Expulsion of Hagar. This isn't a very good picture of it, it was much lighter in the gallery, and unfortunately the light's the most beautiful part of it. Frederick Church - Twilight in the Wilderness. Because it's like that bit in Bambi where the forest catches fire.