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For, on the third day, the Father raised Jesus up from the tomb, in resurrection power , and in so doing secured a plan of redemption that would never fade or weaken. In raising Jesus up from the grave, the good news that was purchased on the cross became the Gospel message that is at the core of every true believer alive today. Today, as I press through the pain of rehab, I am encouraged to remember that He is mindful of my pain, that He is acquainted with suffering. My pain, and even my very life will pass.

But I will enjoy the fruit of His pain through all eternity.

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His compelling imagery begins with an out-and-out declaration that a child is born…born unto US! We all understand that this is a prophetic utterance — but it is easy to not realize just how amazingly accurate his vision was, because — after all we are reading the Bible. And sometimes we lose the impact of context between the Old and New Testaments…unless we put it in different terms. They prophesied — in — the details in full of Donald J.

And, they were able to nail bits of the political climate that surrounds Trump, and the nation of America today. Depending on the pinpointing of the date for Isaiah, it was years before the birth of Jesus…yet — Isaiah had a CLEAR picture of His birth, and the very names by which He is known, all of which reveal to us just a bit more of His character and virtue.

And, he had a compelling insight into the political atmosphere into which Christ was born. Ironically, the only place in the Gospels that we hear of Jesus sleeping is during a storm. It shows that Jesus has authority over nature! Jesus has authority over all things! They accused the Lord of not caring about what they were facing.

Why this doubt? After all, they had already seen His compassion and goodness in action. Do you know what their problem was? They were looking at situations and not at the Savior. They had their thoughts on the facts and not on faith. I just want you to know today that He does care! Faith and fear are mutual exclusives in the Bible: it was because of lack of faith that the disciples feared that they were about to drown, and so it was for lack of faith that they were rebuked. They learned that He is the One Who is in control of every puff of wind; every angry wave and every storm.


Are you trusting God? Last Saturday afternoon, I walked down the aisle of a church building. Not just any church building, but one that housed a fellowship in which I had the privilege of serving for 17 years. And, it was not a solo stroll down the aisle, either…at my left was my beautiful and youngest daughter…the only unmarried daughter that remained. Partly because of the fact that she is marrying a guy we already love.

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Partly because our Alli was really ready for this next step with Jason. But mostly because of the amazing clarity and witness we sensed from God, that all this was His will. And Cindy and I transitioned too — to complete empty nester status. Even though Allison has lived away from home since her college graduation, there was still a sense of active parenting going on, just on a long-distance basis. But now, that is over. This week, our country transitions from a presidential administration standpoint as a new commander-in-chief will be sworn in on Friday.

Just like on Saturday, in a few moments time and after a few sworn words are spoken, so many things will suddenly change. These are days of transition, alright! And just like I will continue to pray for my daughter as she goes through new routines and finds the path that God has for them, so I will be praying for our country and its leaders. That is something we all should do. And as we do, how comforting to know that above transitions, whether in marriage, in families, and in government, we serve a God who is sovereign over all. He is in control. And I can rest in that fact, even in a time of transition.

But putting that message into practice, letting the Living Word change our lives…well, that is a different story. We have just concluded a several-month-long study from the Book of Deuteronomy.

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The answer — the willingness on the part of so many men and women to serve our country in the Armed Forces. In a time when there is no forced draft or lottery system for recruiting, when social mores are changing in dramatic ways, and actual wars are being fought, America is blessed to have a quality military. But every American has much reason for thankfulness. Thank you to men and women who regularly put their lives not only on hold, but on the line — to defend our country and its citizens.

Some of us are not even aware of the immense personal commitments and family sacrifices that these servants make on a daily basis. I am not in either of those two camps. I am aware of the sacrifices that are regularly made by not only the soldiers, but their wives, children, parents and friends.

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