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Increasing Public Library Compensation older report. Non-profits across the country are getting donations from web searches made through GoodSearch a Yahoo search engine and online purchases made through GoodShop which connects to regular online retailers. A number of Vermont organizations are already listed as beneficiaries.

If your organization does not care to be listed, perhaps your own searches and purchases could benefit the charity of your choice. The donation check comes just once a year in December, for activity from the previous October through September.

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We invite you and your library to participate in these informal gatherings. While the format varies, the gatherings provide an opportunity for Legislators, librarians, and trustees to talk about library issues and the key part that libraries play in Internet access, job searching, and education. It is also an opportunity for us to hear about the legislative process and the agenda before the Legislators.

We need to meet with Legislators this year to thank them for their continued support for the new patron confidentiality law and to remind them that state funding for public libraries continues to be an important issue. Sometimes we struggle as a family because of personality conflicts and differences in needs. But what do we do when our kids struggle with doing the work we have given them to do?

When our children struggle with reading, writing, and math, it is sometimes hard to know what exactly is going on. Is it just this concept they are struggling with? Does math or reading come easy to them, whereas other things are harder? By the age of around 10, children should be moving from learning to read to reading to learn. This means they should be able to read the words without much difficulty on age-appropriate levels and should be beginning to build an understanding of what they are reading and learn from it. All children learn differently, and it is true that some children simply need time and repetition to be ready to learn certain concepts.

Feel like you need MORE help with your struggling learner? Check out our great struggling learner program at True North Homeschool Academy. We also do tutoring for struggling learners , as well as academic advising. Her homeschool journey began over 20 years ago when she saw how homeschooling enabled her sister who had memory issues and fell through the crack at school, to graduate and go to college.

Amy knew then she wanted to implement what she saw — the love and individual attention — into her own teaching. She now homeschools her two boys and loves every minute of it! Having completed the second year of their homeschool journey, she is looking forward to many more to come! Her teaching certifications include Special Education, English as a Second Language and Generalist early childhood through fourth.

Teaching children how to learn will help them reach their goals and dreams. PM Winner: Rich Klein In May , Ryan accepted his appointment as Magistrate for the 19th Judicial District where he presides over family court issues including custody cases, divorces, and of course, foster care. He has found his professional fit. Even knew he would return to Greeley.

Spotting a Struggling Learner in Your Homeschool

It was where he little Race has his own set of clubs. He also played football at Valley High School He immersed himself in the culture and learned where he was the receiver for his best friend and the life lesson that there is no right or wrong way of childhood next door neighbor, Kyle Holman, Director of doing things or seeing the world, just different.

Upon graduation, where he has always received outstanding care. When he secured a job with General Electric GE while something like that happens, you realize quickly just attending law school at the University of Denver. He became a partner Ryan looks forward to his third year on the board. Support includes purchasing specialized burn garments for burn outpatients, assistance with living expenses for patients undergoing various cancer treatments, basic clothing to patients through the Hospitality Closet when clothing has been destroyed or damaged due to injury or during initial treatment by emergency personnel, mammograms and diagnostic services, Lifeline emergency alert systems and fitness programs for Cardiac and Pulmonary patients.

Wakefield Founders Fund to provide assistance to qualifying Western States Burn Center burn patients and burn patient family members in need.

The Mildred S. This two-year scholarship covers the cost of tuition, books, fees, and a stipend for living expenses.

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The recipient is Brenda Hall of Windsor. The Nurse Education Tuition Assistance Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing. Recipients of this scholarship must agree to work for North Colorado Medical Center upon completion of their degree. This year three scholarships were awarded. Peratino, RN, MS. Beverly, a retired nurse, director of operating rooms and hospital administrator, had a year career in healthcare, which included most recently the North Colorado Medical Center.

Applicants for this scholarship must have been accepted into the Aims Community College Dual Enrollment Nursing Program in conjunction with UNC and seeking a bachelor of science in nursing degree. Applicant must agree to apply for a registered nurse position at North Colorado Medical Center upon completion of degree. The recipient of this award is Maria Gallegos of Greeley. Applicants for this scholarship must have accumulated a minimum of one semester of post high school credit, and be enrolled in, or accepted for enrollment, as a full-time or part-time student. Monique and Caleb are attending UNC.

The award recognizes a nurse annually who demonstrates the nursing skills and patient care that Florence exhibited during her many years at North Colorado Medical Center. Florence was a role model for her peers and a valued. Most important was her dedication to her patients. It is in the spirit of those traits and in her honor and memory that this award is given. This Scholarship, established by the NCMC Breanna Olson Volunteers, includes course tuition, certification testing fee, books and medical equipment required for course work.

The recipient is Breanna Olson of Greeley.

Nominated by Dr. This scholarship is available to assist a North Colorado Medical Center employee in obtaining an associate or bachelor of Breanne Phillips science degree in nursing. The recipient is Breanne Phillips of Evans. Breanne is currently completing nursing school at UNC.

Discovering Your True North : Randall Thoms :

The award serves to recognize and reward a group of individuals at NCMC who exemplify teamwork. This award is given annually to one individual completing his or her residency at North Colorado Family Medicine. This award is given annually to one or more individuals completing his or her residency at North Colorado Family Medicine. The recipient is Courtney Hathaway, MD. As part of its ongoing commitment to health education, the North Colorado Medical Center Foundation annually awards these scholarships to individuals in the community and employees at North Colorado Medical Center.

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Other recipients have chosen different paths. One went to work in a major metropolitan hospital emergency room, another joined the medical staff of a traveling clinic for Alaskan natives, and still another joined the teaching faculty of a university nursing program. Every NCMC Foundation scholarship recipient has a unique story to tell and all have worked very hard to achieve educational and career success.

She can be reached at or donna. University High Senior Makes Lasting Impact at School The goal of the program is Alex Multer will attend the to educate citizens on the University of Colorado this dangers of sudden cardiac fall majoring in electrical arrest, as well as to identify engineering, with an cardiac symptoms, learning ultimate goal of becoming how to administer cardio an acoustical engineer.

Alex Multer goes into it than simply putting up an AED. I was Along with help from local physician Dr. For more information about the service or to schedule an appointment with Mr.

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  • Randall Thoms.
  • His Mothers Gift (Samuel Wilde Adventure Series Book 4).
  • A Catholic Interlinear New Testament Polyglot: Volume II: The Epistles of St. Paul the Apostle in Latin, English and Greek!

Stepp, please contact Donna Benson at or donna. AM and PM tee times available. Contact Diana Wood at or diana. For sponsorship opportunities contact Diana Wood at Registration is open at Active. For more information visit ncmcfoundation. This portion is collected as a form of possibly make a lasting impact on a local nonprofit organization! Congratulations to Peter and Beth Martin on the birth of their first shining star, Trent! Planning Your Legacy This is the process of creating a formal plan for your In planning your legacy for children, think about what your goals and objectives are for them.

Lastly, if you have included charitable organizations in your estate plan, you can inform the charities of your intention and let them include your names or share your story as a testimony and example for others. A big thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers who make the event so successful!

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