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Sending the notice of intent to everyone at the top of the payment chain will create pressure to settle the payment dispute. If you remain unpaid even after sending the Notice of Intent, it may be time to lodge your bond claim. There are two issues to consider:. Submitting a bond claim, at times, can be more complex than filing a lien claim.

Whether the claim was rejected, ignored, or the dispute is ongoing, filing suit against the bond is sometimes necessary for recovery. Contractors do not want claims against the bonds they post. Since this is not a required document, it merely needs to be sent within the timeframe to file suit against the bond. Well, guess what? Remember this statement: You are entitled to a copy of the payment bond.

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On construction projects in nearly every state and county, if the project is a public work, the state laws provide that you must be provided a copy of the payment bond upon request. These requests are typically sent to the prime contractor or the public entity commissioning the work, and they are sent by certified mail or certified mail with return receipt requested.

BONDS - "Matter Of Time"

In a minority of cases, the requesting party must actually provide a notarized affidavit affirming that they are furnishing to the project. This ensures that the potential lien claimant gets a copy of the payment bond at the very start of construction. First, knowing who the bonding company is can be critical to making a timely bond claim. If you wait to investigate the identity of a surety just before a bond claim deadline, when tempers may be a bit more uncontrolled because of payment problems at the project, you may be left with a tall order — which, unfortunately, can impact your ability to make a claim.

Second, getting a copy of the payment bond discloses to you the terms of that bond. Many potential bond claimants overlook this because there is so much focus on the state or federal rules governing the bond claim, but nevertheless, they exist, and there are a handful of situations that can arise when your bond claim is compromised because of a failure to comply with the terms of the bond. Most of the common mistakes to avoid in the bond claim process spring from the complexities of the process itself, or from the mistaken belief that mere compliance with the requirements will best position a claimant to be paid.

Many states mandate that preliminary notice be sent within a certain time period, at the risk of invalidating a subsequent bond claim. Failing to provide this notice when required , in the manner required , and to the parties required is all too common. The laws of the project state should be reviewed, and any required notice provided.

Many of these preliminary notice deadlines, when applicable, provide a relatively short period of time in which to give the notice , so it is a good idea to get familiar with the laws of the project state prior to involvement on the project. Failure to comply with the complex notice requirements is a common mistake that can derail a bond claim before it is even made. Just like providing preliminary notice , the filing of the bond claim itself is technically precise and subject to specific requirements.

If required, bond claims must be made within a certain amount of time. Missing this deadline should be completely avoidable, but is a common mistake that invalidates many claims.

Just like with preliminary notice, this mistake can be avoided by a thorough review of the laws of the project state. Along with making the claim within the set time period, the claim must be provided to the required parties.

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Failure to do so will invalidate the claim. However, not only must the claim be provided to specific parties — the claim should be provided to other parties, as well. Very few states require bond claims to be provided to the surety , but it can have a dramatic, positive impact on the claimant getting paid.

It is not uncommon for parties who contract directly with the prime contractor to have no formal requirement to make a claim on the bond in any manner prior to initiating suit.

Corporate bond definition

This is a bad idea. Even if no strict requirement to make a claim prior to filing suit exists, it is always a good idea to provide notice of the claim to the general contractor , the public entity , the surety , and the hiring party. Finally, once the claim has made its way to the surety, more information will likely be required. For this reason, information and documents that back up the claim should always be retained, easily accessible, and should be provided quickly if requested. After the information has been provided, the claimant should routinely check in with the surety claim representative to check on the status of the claim, and see if anything else is needed.

Many companies fail to take these easy steps even though the amount of energy necessary to do so is routinely paid off in the claim being paid more quickly and without the need to file suit. After this point, the claim will either be paid or denied. But, as with every other step in the process, it is important to monitor the progression here, as well. Just like there are set deadlines by which a bond claim must be made, there are also set deadlines by which a bond claim must be enforced.

Failing to check up on the claim and provide all the supporting information timely can cause the enforcement deadline to slip by — which renders the claim unenforceable and relatively worthless. Being careful, and making sure these common problems are not overlooked, can mean the difference between getting paid and having an unenforceable claim. Nate Budde Chief Legal Officer. Last Updated on Jul 09, Published on Sep 21, Bankruptcies in the construction industry are unfortunately very common. They did not cheat Death, or Master Death. He let them live And yet they were also seen as myths to ninety-five percent of the magic-users on Planet Earth.

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