Audacious Destruction: Why a two-term Obama presidency will destroy the Rule of Law and your wallet

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There is a review of his personal history at the Alex Jones InfoWars site that is disturbing and never has been reported. As with other presidents, I expect that the details will become available as time passes and people speak out and tell the truth. The article states in pertinent part:. Barack Obama was swept into power on a wave of optimism over his promise to bring America together in a new spirit of unity. But a new poll has revealed that he divided the country down the middle more than any other second-year US president in more than half a century.

An average of 81 per cent of Democrats approved of the job Mr Obama was doing last year, compared to just 13 per cent of Republicans. The point divide is up from a point gap in , which was also a record for a first-year president. If he loses Egypt and other countries of the Middle East to Islamic fascism, and the American economy continues to decline, and he loses the Afghan War, he will have changed history, for the worse.

Lastly, racism is not what has turned off so many Americans.

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Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week. Details of the behind-the-scenes talks are contained in more than 1, US embassy cables published to date by the Telegraph, including almost sent from the London Embassy, which are published online today. Washington lobbied London in for permission to supply Moscow with detailed data about the performance of UK missiles. Over time, the unique identifiers will provide them with another data point to gauge the size of the British arsenal.

He needs to be dumped before the next election. The Republicans in the U. House of Representatives must begin investigations immediately, laying the basis for the impeachment process. Also, his hatred for the British seems to know no bounds. For example:. It is a given that Obama is a cowardly demagogue. For example, he failed to come to the aid of those courageous Iranians who were tortured and killed after rising up in protest against the disputed victory of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, following the Iranian presidential election.

His policies are leading to the utter failure of his Afghan War; and it is simply a matter of time before he cuts and runs from there as well. Huntington wrote about—which Richard Nixon worried about. Islamic fascists find democratic movements and democracies abhorrent to them; and they are outwitting Obama at every turn, and making him into their handmaiden.

Pollack writes:. It is the nature of revolutions to be entirely unpredictable. Most fail, and even those that succeed often follow paths that no one foresaw—not their targets, not their protagonists, not the partisans on any side. We must work to guard against the worst outcomes, which may seem remote but are all too likely in the unpredictable maelstrom of revolution:. Though hardly a paragon of democratic virtue, the army is the most important institution in Egypt, and it is vital to a peaceful transition to a moderate form of government.

If the army fractures, Egypt will descend into chaos. Nor do we know where the loyalties of middle-ranking officers lie, but it is not hard to imagine that they are caught betwixt and between. Thus the U. If there is a need for a speedy resolution to the present impasse, the answer should not be an accelerated move to new elections. Where elections are concerned, speed kills. Elections are an important element of democracy, but they are not synonymous with democracy.

Few things can do more harm to a nascent democracy than premature elections.

Barack Obama

Egypt is not ready to have good elections. It needs a new constitution and time for viable political leaders to establish parties, something the Mubarak regime prevented for 30 years.

It is an open question whether eight months will be enough, but advancing that timetable would be incredibly reckless. Although the Muslim Brotherhood likely represents only a minority of Egyptians, it probably would dominate any early elections. It is the only true mass party in Egypt, well-organized and disciplined, with a well-known track record and a well-understood political platform. The Muslim Brotherhood is not al Qaeda, and it might provide reasonable leadership of a new government. But perhaps not. Mubarak never allowed the Brotherhood any meaningful degree of participation in politics, so it never had to show its true colors.

It could be disastrous if the Brotherhood got to pick the next president of Egypt simply because it was the only organized party when elections were held.

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It espouses a moderate version of an ideology common among the Egyptian opposition and other Arab opposition movements, and it says it is willing to live and work within the constraints of a democratic system. They waged a vicious terrorist campaign to try to do so and were ultimately driven from the country and into the arms of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, where they became one of its dominant factions. We should not doubt that when Zawahiri and his cohorts heard the news from Tahrir Square, they were probably jubilant that the revolution they had sought for so long had begun.

They were likely also frustrated that they were not there to hijack it and lead it toward the radical Islamist state they seek. Zawahiri is probably doing whatever he can to play catch-up—to dispatch his supporters to Egypt to take control of the revolution. The Iranian regime is also gleeful about the collapse of Mr. Tehran may have already concluded that turmoil in Egypt suits its interests far more than any successful transition to stable democracy.

All of this gives Iran and al Qaeda common interests that may drive them toward tacit cooperation—with the goal of fomenting a modern Bolshevik Revolution.

Berlin knew that Lenin was a wild radical who wished no good for Germany either, but it facilitated his entry into the Russian Revolution because it hoped he would make the situation worse and accelerate the collapse of the Russian state. All of this may seem unlikely, but revolutions are also unlikely events, and once that threshold is crossed, old rules about what is normal and likely go out the window. Which countries are next? Where this stops, no one knows.

Is Barack Obama A Racist? | NaegeleBlog

It is a question that makes many Israelis queasy. With respect to Israel, it bears repeating that I am forever reminded of what a prominent American who is a Jew and a strong supporter of Israel told me a number of years ago:. Political Islam is so —nowhere more so than in Iran, where an opposition rose up two years ago with the same demands as the Egyptians, only to fail amid a ruthless and violent government crackdown. The administration has avoided discussion about the prospects for liberalization in a country that exports radical Islamist ideology throughout the Middle East and beyond.

S security interests. Rather than bolstering the opposition at a time when the Iranian regime is at its weakest, America is pursuing a policy of appeasement. Iranian cyberspace is brimming with anger at what the Green Movement sees as betrayal by the West. In the final analysis, what is happening in Egypt and elsewhere may be another vindication of George W.

Indeed, the Journal added:. This is also a day to note that George W. Bush was the President who broke with the foreign policy establishment and declared that Arabs deserved political freedom as much as the rest of the world. He was reviled for it by many of the same pundits who are now claiming solidarity with Egyptians in the streets. Another fool—who fancied being the president too—was Mike Dukakis who ran against George H.

Hopefully the same thing happens to Obama between now and the elections. Hillary and Bill Clinton fought hard to defeat Barack Obama in , and there was no love lost between their respective political camps. Among others, political pundit and former adviser to Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, has suggested that when the timing is right, the Clintons will strike at Obama again—in all likelihood, before the primary elections.

This might be a preview of what is to come as the primaries and general election approach. Obama and the Clintons may become overt political enemies again. Where were they when we were taking out the guy with the rape rooms? The one who had gassed his own people, invaded his neighbors and was desperately seeking weapons of mass destruction?

Liberals angrily cited the high unemployment rate in Egypt as a proof that Mubarak was a beast who must step down. Did they, by any chance, see the January employment numbers for the United States? I mean, besides the U. The students had good reason to believe the election had been rigged. In some pro-Ahmadinejad districts, turnout was more than percent. Senate from Minnesota. Even when the Iranian protester, Neda [Aga Soltan], was shot dead while standing peacefully on a street in Tehran, Obama responded by. But a mob of Egyptians start decapitating mummies, and Obama was on the horn telling Mubarak he had to leave.

The fact that liberals support democracy in Egypt, but not in Iraq or Iran, can mean only one thing: Democracy in Egypt will be bad for the United States and its allies. Democrats are all for meddling in other countries—but only provided a change of regime will harm U.

One-Term President

The long-running conflict has placed unforeseen demands on the human resources of the US administration and several senior people are reaching the end of gruelling tours. Mr Obama will in coming months have to find replacements for Karl Eikenberry, the ambassador to Kabul, and Gen David Petraeus, the commander of coalition forces. The length of the war, now in its tenth year, has exposed a shortage in Washington of people with experience or expertise in South Asia who have not already served long tours.

Mr Obama therefore is confronted with a considerable challenge of finding the right people to continue his strategy of heavy US troop involvement in trouble spots such as Helmand while preparing the Afghan security forces to take charge by Gen Petraeus only took up his current position in June last year when Mr Obama fired Gen Stanley McChrystal for making unflattering remarks about the administration during a magazine interview.

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