Air No. 3: The Meeting of the Waters - Violin 1

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Z:Nigel Gatherer. E Flat Major: D Major. G Major. Carlin Master Collection , ; No. T:Babes in the Woods [1]. Irish, Polka.

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Old Hat Music OH! Learned from Kerry fiddle player Julia Clifford , who has lived in Norfolk for some years. A reissue of the original. S:Castle Ceili Band. Z:by m euritt. A2BA F2A2 d2e2f4 g4 f2e2 d4d T:Babes in the Woods. A Major. Kerr Merry Melodies , vol.

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T:Babes in the Wood [3]. R:Country Dance. B:Kerr — Merry Melodies , vol. American, Schottische. Source for notated version: Strosnider 's. A version of this tune, with the same name, was sung in southwestern Pennsylvannia, beginning:. My dears, do you know, a long time ago,. Two little children whose names I don't know.

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Went out for to play one fine summer's day,. And were lost in the woods, so I've heard people say. May be the same as versions 1 or 2. The tune was recorded in the Ozark Mountains in the early 's for the Library of Congress by musicologist Vance Randolph. From the repertoire of Alabama fiddler James Bryan.

T:Baby Ben. Z:From a transcription by Dave Barton.

AKA and see " Drunken Hiccups [1]. The Irish word means lame or cripple.

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Irish, Jig. Published under this title by Petrie, collected from Galway piper Paddy Coneely in AKA and see " Greensleeves [1]. Bacon The Morris Ring , ; pgs. Raven English Country Dance Tunes , ; pg. T:Bacca Pipes Jig Greensleeves. The great Irish collector Edward Bunting's publication attributes composition of this melody to the famous Ulster harper Rory Dall O'Cahan in the year Though born in Ulster, O'Cahan performed primarily in Scotland, and this tune is "said to have been composed by him in reference to his own fallen fortunes, towards the end of his career.

Audiences heard the air in "The Beggar's Wedding" , an opera by Charles Coffey of Dublin, and it was printed in the score in The title was reported by the Belfast Northern Star of July 15th, , as having been a tune played by one of ten Irish harp masters at the last great convocation of ancient Irish harpers, the Belfast Harp Festival, held that week. Bunting, who was in attendance at the festival, claimed to have noted it from harper Charles Byrne in his manuscript, though he attributes harper Daniel Black in as the source in his published work.

The melody may also be found in Neales' Celebrated Irish Tunes , pg. Flood, ; pg. AKA and see " Baca c h Buidhe. Source for notated version: piper Patrick Coneelly, [Petrie]. Petrie Ancient Music of Ireland , ; pg. See " Baca c h Buidhe.

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Canadian, Jig. Canada, Cape Breton. II, ; No. AKA and see " Reel boule de neige. Carlin Master Collection , ; pg. Ireland, County Donegal. Old-time, Breakdown.

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Irish, Reel. A Aeolian. Roche Collection , ; vol. I, pg. John Glen finds the tune first printed in Robert Bremner's collection.

Bremner Scots Reels , c. Gow Complete Repository , Part 1, ; pg. Honeyman Strathspey, Reel and Hornpipe Tutor , ; pg. Jones [Ed. MacDonald The Skye Collection , ; pg.

Stewart-Robertson The Athole Collection , ; pg. Surenne Dance Music of Scotland , ; pg. See also listings at:. England, Northumberland. T:Back of the Grampians. A haggard or haggard was the corner of the farmyard that was farthest from the house according to Reg Hall , but it also may refer to a farm building, as a shed or stable. Paul de Grae says the word is commonly used in Ireland and refers to a hay-yard, from the Norse hey-garthr. Ceol , vol.

O'Neill ed. O'Neill Krassen , ; pg. T:Back of the Haggard. Scottish, Reel. Composed by A. Shetland, Shetland Reel. Shetland, Walls. D Mixolydian.

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Bain 50 Fiddle Solos , ; pg. Composed by Paul M. E Dorian.