A Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic Plays (Oxford Worlds Classics)

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Monroe haunted Miller and her ghost hovers behind many of his characters, from Abigail in The Crucible to his final play, Finishing the Picture , which returns to their time together while filming The Misfits it was not written until after his third wife had died. Even though it is clear that he loved Monroe, and her marriage to him was the longest and best of her three, many felt that Miller was unfairly profiting from her fame and tragedy.

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It must be noted, however, that several of the plays from this period contain central female characters beyond the shadows of Monroe, contradicting the common misunderstanding that Miller wrote important roles only for men. Cultural differences, especially in Chinese acting styles, presented Miller with many obstacles, but he and the cast created a successful production by focusing on the inner tensions and various motivations of characters.

On his return to the United States, Miller published a day-to-day journal he had written during rehearsals, titled Salesman in Beijing. In the s, still struggling to find an American audience for his new work, Miller refused to slacken. His next full-length play, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan , premiered in London in Its planned transfer to New York did not take place until at the Public Theatre, and it was not performed on Broadway until Still, its jokey, ribald tale of an unrepentant bigamist did not sit well with the American public. Another play written in , which Miller first produced in a short one-act version in the United States, was The Last Yankee.

It is a much quieter and subtler dramatic exercise than The Ride Down Mt. Morgan , and the extended version that he introduced in was lengthy enough to stand alone.

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Set in a mental hospital, it depicts the pressures facing married couples in a postmodern age of chaos and insecurity. In this understated but masterly piece, the four-person cast interact as though performing a musical quartet; but again, the play was better received in Britain than in America. In the biannual society newsletter became the Arthur Miller Journal. Miller emerged once more as a mainstream dramatist. The ethereal Mr. When Miller died at eighty-nine of heart failure at his home in Roxbury on 10 February , he left behind a body of work that continues to be rediscovered in new compelling productions around the world.

He wrote about families and the societies of which they are a part. Directors, actors, and designers all jump at the challenge of a Miller play, often returning to try further scripts. Several Shakespeare companies have even included Miller plays in their repertories. While somewhat hampered by the availability of texts, there also has been a surge of scholarly interest in Miller in countries such as India and China, as well as Spain, Germany, and France, all of which have held conferences and published volumes on Miller in both English and their own languages.

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Since studying at the University of Michigan, Miller had been attracted to the sense of form and symmetry of events in classical Greek drama, and he followed their lead in believing that the best drama is social drama. By that he did not mean socialist drama, but rather plays concerned with more than the life of the individual—plays that consider the whole society and the bonds between individuals and society.

Miller noted a disturbing tendency in American drama to separate the individual and society and to write about the separation rather than the connection, which he saw as ultimately dehumanizing. A fierce desire to help others evolve into better people and the belief that such evolution is possible made the Greeks humanists. Miller, too, is a humanist—concerned with examining human nature, with an aim to improving it.

Even before attending Michigan, Miller had been interested in the great Russian novelists, reading them on his way to and from work while saving the money for university. While Miller might not have had the same religious convictions as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, he was as deeply concerned as they with the issue of morality and the consequences of its lack.

Ibsen taught him the importance of creating believable, psychologically complex characters, as well as the ways in which the past might affect the present and the difficulties of finding happiness in a hostile environment. He took the earthy common people he had met in the early work of Clifford Odets and mingled their colorful colloquial speech with the more refined Southern poetics of Williams to create a poetic dialogue of his own.

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Indeed, frequently he began by writing his plays in verse form, only later converting this to prose. For Miller, art has only ever been of use when it tries to change society for the better, and all his plays have this aim at their heart. This directive leads to a deeper bond between play and audience as his dramas challenge us to be better. All My Sons teaches us about our responsibility to others, just as Death of a Salesman teaches us about our responsibility to ourselves.

Nothing is ever simple in a Miller play. Morgan determinedly balance conflicting ideologies to the point where one cannot comfortably take sides. In one, he presents us with two brothers with opposite drives and beliefs; the other portrays a man who has two wives competing over him; in neither case are we allowed to be sure whose side to take. Broken Glass sets a failed marriage against the American response to news of the Holocaust, and offers a chilling tale of sympathy and the dangers in its lack.

Miller left us with a wonderful legacy from which to explore the intricacies of what it means to be human and humane. Throughout the book, writers, along with directors and actors who have been involved with his work, offer opinions and assessments of Miller. Most of the rest of us who write here can't find any way to do that while being truthful. He explores the demands of morality and uncovers important individual and social needs, recognizing the necessity of a balance between the two.

One way in which he conveys his lessons is through asserting the importance of the past. For example, Quentin in After the Fall tries to escape his past rather than embrace it, which creates a lack of direction in his life. By the close of the play, when he accepts responsibility for all he has done and all that has happened to him in the past, he and his new companion, Holga, can begin to live more fully in their present. When properly viewed, the past can provide a comforting sense of continuity and connection, and in plays such as The American Clock or The Last Yankee Miller explores the power of personal ritual and social tradition to heal the wounds that can separate individuals and communities.

Patricia passes by allowing her everyday ritual of self-help to give her life meaning and she leaves on the arm of her husband, having accepted both him and herself for who they are. Karen fails as she is unable to come to terms with her past existence or fully connect with others, and so she remains institutionalized.

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The witch trials reflected the unfairness of the HUAC hearings, just as anti-Semitism at home and abroad in highlights ethnic problems that continue to plague society. Miller insists that the past should not be ignored; major events like the depression or the Holocaust reverberate through the lives of everyone. To ignore or deny this will reduce those lives. Fascinated with the idea of guilt and blame and how to continue living with these, Miller sees the first step as accepting responsibility—for what one intended to do or even did by accident—because someone has to be responsible.

Thus Victor and Walter Franz in The Price must learn to stop blaming the other and accept personal responsibility for the choices they have made in the past: Victor sacrificed his career in order to care for his father, whereas Walter sacrificed his family for his career. By promoting a tension between moral and legal law by which a character may be found guilty under the former but not the latter, Miller conveys his distrust of manmade law.

In A View from the Bridge , for example, Eddie Carbone brings on disaster by upholding a legal statute against illegal immigration ; but it is the moral law he finds he cannot distort, as Marco demands a higher justice. Hidden guilt is hinted at and gradually brought to light as such plays progress toward judgment, with a mix of atonement and punishment.

A play like All My Sons , despite its backyard location, is essentially a courtroom drama, filled with trial metaphors. In The Crucible , the main impetus is quite literally a trial, but Miller pointedly places his scenes outside the courtroom to better show the social effects of a biased legal system. Miller came to fame during the midth century, a period when women were still largely viewed as restricted to the roles of daughters, wives, and mothers, and his depiction of women seems extremely limited. Some, such as Silima Nanda, see a chronological development through the plays from simple to complex as female characters move from self-immersion to emancipation.

But aside from reevaluating his depictions of women, in recent years scholarship has considered connections to previously unconsidered playwrights and to other cultures, as well as adopting several new theoretical approaches. The most thorough editions are the three-volume Library of America set and the six-volume series from Methuen. Abbotson, Susan C. New York: Facts on File, Find this resource:. Ali, Syed Mashkoor, ed. Arthur Miller: Twentieth Century Legend.

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